Karl Kani

The iconic Karl Kani will be bringing his long awaited 90’s blend street wear collection inspired from Japan exclusively to the US.
Rising from concrete, in Brooklyn, New York, the iconic Karl Kani has been ahead of the modern trends for over 25 years, combining his love of hip-hop music and high end contemporary street style. Karl’s collection offers quality pieces, with a fresh vibe to his innovative collection. Luxurious trims and fabrics, slim bottom silhouettes, and free flowing tops, have reinvented Karl’s vintage collections, with new sleek, subdued and androgynous feel.

  Today the Karl Kani brand has spread internationally throughout 25 countries in Europe and 10 flagship stores in Japan, including one in Harajuku, and unlike many other high-end brands Karl Kani has stayed true to his label. His passion for quality, design and craftsmanship has meant that, Kani continues to produce all his garments in the US.