Schott Mens Nylon Two Tone Tour Jacket

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This souvenir jacket is made with heavy nylon flight satin and features intricate chest and back embroideries inspired by real vintage jackets from our archives. Two-tone sleeve stripes match the besom pocket trims, contrast stripes on neck, wrist, and waist knit trims and are inspired by 1950s baseball jackets. The jacket is lined with a medium weight polyester fill for added warmth and insulation. The bomber has a 27" back length and is a comfortable fit, but not oversized.

The souvenir jacket, also known as the Sukajan in Japan, is an embroidered, decorated, lightweight bomber jacket that originated at the Yokosuka base camp in Japan during the 1950's. American GI's stationed in Japan during WWII, often wore two-tone baseball jackets that they had brought from home while off-duty. The service men and women would customize their clothing to commemorate their time in the Pacific by commissioning Japanese tailors to embroider Asian motifs on them. They would often personalize their jackets with places they were stationed or visited or traditional symbols like dragons to bring home as a literal souvenir.